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Diver, Dive instructor, Dive Center manager, Wildlife photographer, writer and cat mama caring about and respecting nature and all living beings!

Already as a child I did not skip any single animal or underwater documentary on TV. Beside my studies of Intercultural Communication and Slavonic Languages I used to work for some years as an online editor for several TV stations in Munich. My spare time I used with fondness for travels around the world. This passion for all living beings and the travelling through foreign countries became for me purpose of life.

1998 I learned diving and already in the following year I completed my education as dive guide. 2003 in left Munich for good and completed my education as dive instructor in Croatia.

Together with my spouse I used to work as dive instructor and live aboard guide throughout the Red Sea and the Maldives. In Jordan we were managing a dive center for many years.

In 1996 i started to engage myself intensely to photography. In 2005 I started in the field of underwater photography. I love to capture pictures of all animals under water and all kind of wildlife and „wild“ pets…